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Springfield Housing Authority will manage Peoria Housing Authority

PEORIA — An under-performing housing authority is seeking help from a high-performing one.

The Peoria Housing Authority has entered into a 12-month intergovernmental agreement with the Springfield Housing Authority to manage the Peoria operation, said Peoria’s board chairman, Jim Fassino. The agreement also carries an option for a six-month extension.

This comes after Paul Bollinger’s contract as executive director was not renewed in January. Bollinger had served as the PHA director for two years. Chief Financial Officer Theresa Switzer has been serving as director in the interim.

Fassino said the housing authorities in Peoria and Springfield share a number of characteristics. “Springfield is a very similar city to us in size and housing numbers,” he said.

But the Springfield authority is rated as a “high performer” by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. “Very few achieve that rating among housing authorities,” Fassino said.



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