Scholarship Awards

IAHA has been awarding financial scholarships to individuals that are residents of our housing authorities.  The three geographic Councils within IAHA have an application process and they determine who the qualified recipient is.

In 2017 the following scholarships were awarded:

Misty Cooper

Diana Etheridge, Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the City of Marion, recently presented Misty Cooper with a $750 scholarship from the Egyptian Council of Housing Officials (ECHO).  Ms. Cooper is raising her two children while she attends John A. Logan College in an exclusive cardiac sonography program to which she was accepted.  This scholarship money will help her pay for costs she will incur with this program, such as traveling to Central Illinois each week for her clinicals, additional school supplies needed, etc.

 ECHO is a division of the Illinois Association of Housing Authorities and covers all of Southern Illinois.  Each year the ECHO Council, in conjunction with the Illinois Association of Housing Authorities, awards scholarships to public housing residents attending college.  This year ECHO awarded two $750 scholarships, six $500 scholarships, and two $250 scholarships to public housing residents in Southern Illinois.


Rebecca Thalheimer and Hannah Etherton

Rebecca Thalheimer and Hannah Etherton of Metropolis have been awarded the 2017 Egyptian Council of Housing Officials (ECHO) scholarship of $500.00 each. Both are residents with the Massac County Housing Authority (MCHA). Both award winners are attending Shawnee Community College.

Each scholarship applicant was required to write a short essay describing their goals and how they would achieve them. There were two other scholarship winners that received $750 each, two that received $250, and six that received $500. The other award winners were from Coles county, Clay county, Richland county, Gallatin county, Franklin county, Mt. Vernon, and the city of Marion.

Each applicant was required to submit two letters of reference. One letter described Rebecca as someone with a strong work ethic who displays perseverance in completing a job. In addition, her respect from peers gains her leadership positions in group activities. She has the drive to succeed, proven abilities, and academic success.  Rebecca is in the LPN-RN program.  Her goal is a career in nursing. She has two children. 

A reference letter described Hannah as extremely intelligent and talented. She has strong determination to meet her goals. She has proven herself to be trustworthy, honest, loyal, and dependable.  Her goal is a career in nursing.

“Rebecca and Hannah are outstanding young citizens who are intelligent, have great character traits, and serves their community,” states Paul McKnight, MCHA executive director. 


Catherine Rose Wallace

Jersey County HA's scholarship recipient is Catherine Wallace.

Catherine Rose Wallace

Currently enrolled at Illinois College

ACT composite score of 30

High School - 5.1 GPA on 5.0 scale


Recipient of the following awards:

Silver Medallion Academic Excellence Award

Illinois State Scholar

Focus (Finding One Clearly Unique Student) Nominee (Twice)


Extra-Curricular School Activities:

Honor Society –

WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering

Senior Class Council

Anime Club

Writers Workshops


Community Involvement:

Volunteered to landscape the Memorial Garden in St. Louis, Mo

Volunteer at the Riverbend Humane Society

Worked in the concession stand for school activities


CICHO has so graciously awarded Ms. Wallace with a $750.00 scholarship which Ms. Wallace plans to apply to her tuition.



Kaina Crite

Congratulations to Kiana Crite. She was awarded a $250 scholarship from the Egyptian Council of Housing Officials. Kiana is pursuing a career in Office Administration or Elementary Education. ECHO is a group of 30 southern IL Housing Authorities. Richland County Housing Authority Executive Director, Deanna Mitchell is very pleased to award this scholarship to Kiana.


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